Monday, June 24, 2013

A Question and a Promise

Younger Sister finally "popped the question"--although really it isn't fair to say "finally."

It's not her fault.  She had no idea there would be some required paperwork on the part of her fiance'.  It's not exactly his fault, either--he never thought he'd end up marrying, well, someone like her.  It's not my place to discuss all that business, but to sum it up: They can't set a date yet.

Which must be torture when the first question asked EVERY TIME the engagement ring is spotted is, "When's the big day?"  I've already seen YS get absolutely hounded by someone (well-meaning) on facebook.  

Plus, when you can't set a date, you can't really plan much of anything.  That's even more torture for a practical planner like YS (typical Taurus--plus they want to get to the party part pronto).

So Friday night, as I was texting YS to tell her about the interesting attire of some of the guests at the wedding I cantored that afternoon (blue flaming skulls shirt! 6-inch stiletto heels! Not on the same person!), she wrote back asking me to be her Maid of Honor--"whenever" she gets married.

Little did she know that after dinner, I cracked open my fortune cookie containing the following prediction: "You or a close friend will be married soon."

I don't think you can get a better promise from the Universe than that!

Naturally I texted that to her verbatim right away.  And I mailed the little slip of paper to her today so she knows it's legit.  

So part of my MOH job is already in play: reassurance



Anonymous said...

Could be totally off base, but is this an annulment issue? [Reading between the lines]. BTDT, which is to say, been there, still in the process of doing that. it's not that awful, but it's darn good at building patience. [Not my case, but the man's].

In looking at the positive, at least there seems to be a few months in which they can just enjoy "we're going to get married!" and not "AND THIS PLANNING IS SO STRESSFUL". Or maybe I'm projecting. Either way, sounds like you're perfect for the job :)

Kate P said...

Something like that, M.B.! I think are somewhat enjoying the "We're going to get married!" feeling, but when you're in your 30s waiting isn't fun for long. (Or maybe *I'm* projecting.)

And I certainly hope to be perfect for the job, thank you! :)

Tess said...

Aw, how exciting you'll get to be her MOH! That's frustrating though about the wait. Best of luck to them in sorting it out—hopefully it all comes together soon!

LibraryElf said...

Depending on the date issue, the location could ALSO extend the date because, depending on the venue, it could be over a year to get. (The venue my hus and I got married at, if you remember it, we had to book 1 year and 1 month in advance and I absolutely lucked out for October as it was the last weekend available).

Planning can still happen! Pinterest was awesome for me. There are silly details like what do you want for food, the dress, decorations, etc. Even just narrowing it to a few.

Kate P said...

Tess--sorry I didn't respond sooner! (I attended a little bridal show last weekend that I have to write up here.) Yes, I am excited. Terrified, because I'm not of those people who has been in a lot of weddings, but excited. Thanks for reading and the well-wishes. I feel optimistic things will work out and I'm trusting in God's plan for the whole thing.

LibraryElf--Your place was really nice. I see what you mean; however, it's a little different to wait when you don't live together, for one thing. And again, may I remind you how much younger you are, missy??? :)
This is a guess but I think my sister is holding out on really planning anything because she's the kind of person where once the ball gets rolling it's full steam ahead, set it all up, get stuff done. And I don't think she wants to build up a fantasy that turns out not to be possible in reality. I mean, it's not worth adding potential disappointment to the waiting frustration, you know?

Maybe it's more of a traditional view, but to my family it's more important to book the church for the wedding than anything else, and then you just trust the rest will fall in place. We're good at having a party anywhere we end up.