Monday, June 24, 2013

A Question and a Promise

Younger Sister finally "popped the question"--although really it isn't fair to say "finally."

It's not her fault.  She had no idea there would be some required paperwork on the part of her fiance'.  It's not exactly his fault, either--he never thought he'd end up marrying, well, someone like her.  It's not my place to discuss all that business, but to sum it up: They can't set a date yet.

Which must be torture when the first question asked EVERY TIME the engagement ring is spotted is, "When's the big day?"  I've already seen YS get absolutely hounded by someone (well-meaning) on facebook.  

Plus, when you can't set a date, you can't really plan much of anything.  That's even more torture for a practical planner like YS (typical Taurus--plus they want to get to the party part pronto).

So Friday night, as I was texting YS to tell her about the interesting attire of some of the guests at the wedding I cantored that afternoon (blue flaming skulls shirt! 6-inch stiletto heels! Not on the same person!), she wrote back asking me to be her Maid of Honor--"whenever" she gets married.

Little did she know that after dinner, I cracked open my fortune cookie containing the following prediction: "You or a close friend will be married soon."

I don't think you can get a better promise from the Universe than that!

Naturally I texted that to her verbatim right away.  And I mailed the little slip of paper to her today so she knows it's legit.  

So part of my MOH job is already in play: reassurance


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More of What I Do

It occurred to me that in addition to getting information about planning a wedding, the other kind of research I can do for YS will be of a local sort--as in playing "scout."

I mean, she lives in another state (and has been there for 10+ years), which makes it difficult to scout some reception locations and know about many of the local businesses (not to mention their reputations) and so on.  But I could do that for her, right?

Yeah, twist my arm!

So far, I asked for a "wedding packet" from the banquet manager at the place where our staff "end of the school year" luncheon was held--hey, the people are nice, the food's really good and there's a great view from the balcony--and I have long-standing relationships with both a hair salon and a Mary Kay rep--and probably some other businesses I haven't thought of yet.

I could be really helpful.  You have no idea how much that excites me.  Probably an introvert's (INFJ's?) personality quirk.

And probably also caused by the fact that I like my sister a lot.