Sunday, May 26, 2013

Because This Is What I Do for a Living

Mom had mentioned that YS had called with a number of questions--probably all things that start running through one's head at the outset of planning a wedding, the kind of questions (or amount thereof) that get a person a bit anxious.  When Older Brother got married a few year ago, there were a few awkward moments (not to mention a misworded invitation and a disgruntled phone call or two)--things I'm sure YS wants to avoid.  She's also the kind of person who wants to be fair to everybody, most likely the result of her experiences at all the weddings she's attended.

In my experience as a librarian, information often calms people down, so I ordered a couple of books to be shipped to her home.  One was a book on etiquette, and the other was a companion planner.  I know, everybody keeps stuff on their smartphones now and there are apps for all sorts of things (and technology is addressed in the etiquette book), but nothing helps you see the big picture better than laying it all out physically and in an orderly manner.

Then I got nervous, that I was imposing my own opinions on her and/or implying she didn't know what she was doing, so when I mailed her sparkly little engagement card (with $ towards manicure maintenance, such a must), I wrote that I was sending her some books and if they weren't right for her I'd be fine with her exchanging them for whatever she wanted.

Friday night, after I'd texted her about something else, she wrote back, "Hey! Thanks for the books! They arrived today."  

I hope they'll head off some of the planning headaches.  

Sounds as if she's enjoying herself right now and that's really good to hear.


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