Saturday, August 1, 2015

I Know "RSVP" Is in French, but I'm Pretty Sure Everyone Understands It

Like, even my cousin's wife and my uncle's fiancee' who both speak English as a second language--and the first one ain't French--responded as to whether or not they could come.

I even got an email from my cousin who hasn't spoken to most of my family (myself included) in something like 10 years.*

But my SIL, who went on family vacation well after I mailed the invitations, didn't respond.  Not even to my follow-up text.  (But hey, no "Sorry you had to bury your grandfather this week" message either, so. . .)

I finally texted my brother to beg him to ask her for a response, but I'm not expecting a timely response there, either.  Even though I'm pretty sure they're all on the same family vacation (my bro came back for a day for the funeral).

She's not the only one who hasn't responded.

By the official RSVP date of today, I have the count as follows: 

YES = 18 (c0unting myself and the bride)

NO = 10


Phoning some people tomorrow.  Grrrrr.

*No, of course that cousin isn't coming to the shower. Everyone has a family vacation planned for that weekend, I swear.  That said, she mentioned coming to the wedding.  Extremely grateful that I have nothing to do with the seating chart for the reception.



ccr in MA said...

I agree, everyone might not know what the letters stand for, but everyone knows what they mean. People just don't think the rules apply to them, which is maddening for the planners. Sympathies!

Kate P said...

Or people just can't be organized, as was the case today. "Oh, we're coming, I just couldn't find the invitation." Um, fridge? Cork board? Tape it to a wall? Then: "I was going to message your sister, but then I thought it might be a surprise." SHE LIVES IN DC. What, am I going to lure her here under false pretenses serious enough for her to come up? (She already had to come up this past week to bury our grandfather, so... No. No surprises.)

Rae said...

Our wedding invites said something like "kindly reply" and people had the nerve to tell me they thought that meant to only respond if they were coming. So I felt your pain.
Now I'm helping with a wedding here in the DC area and they don't have a cantor and the wedding is in a month. I'm having flash backs to my own wedding (we just didn't like our cantor and then she didn't sing the Ava Maria) and I actually joked with my MIL that maybe we could get a blogger I follow to come. Heheh

FYI, I'm the sometimes commentor, formerly known as Archerychic. I forgot your main blog for a while, then forgot the password for the Archerychic account, then found you again but started only lurking.
Good luck!

Kate P said...

Rae! So happy to see you again so thank you for de-lurking! How can people misinterpret "Kindly reply"??? Ugh. Clueless. Manners are dead.

Hey, I cantor weddings and I know the Ave Maria. If it's the right date and there's a gas money I'd do it...

Good news, people! Finally heard from everyone and someone I thought told me no at my grandfather's funeral emailed me to say YES.