Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It's Really Happening!

The good news has arrived at last and the wedding will be taking place this Fall!

Already I have noticed a change in YS, more willing to discuss things instead of cutting short any wedding talk (mostly out of frustration that nothing could be planned until they got the go-ahead).  That said, she still wants what she wants and really doesn't want to hear suggestions or recommendations.  O.K., now that I know that, I just have to remind myself to listen and just respond positively.  She's not really asking what I think or for any suggestions--unless she explicitly asks.  

And even then, most likely I'd double-check that's what she wants, before answering.

There is, however, one slight piece of bad news, and it's for me.

I am being "Sixteen-Candled" out of my 40th birthday.*  

What do I mean by that?

If you're familiar with the movie, you know that the poor teenage main character, Samantha, finds that what should have been an exciting milestone birthday for her is being steamrolled by her sister's wedding which is happening at the same time.  Her entire family forgets about it, completely.

On one Sunday in October, I will be reaching a pretty significant milestone. . . and the Saturday of that same week, my sister and her fiance' will be getting married.

I think you can guess which date will have the bigger turnout.  Oh, not that it's a competition; in fact, I tend to have very low expectations for my birthday.  There have been some really bad things that have happened on that particular day of the year--to the point where I'm not sure it's coincidental.  I'm talking about stuff like finding out a friend from high school died, seeing an ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend (a mutual friend supposedly!) only months after our spectacularly brutal breakup, an unexpected fight between the people who took me out to dinner.  It just appears to be my lot in life.  With birthdays like those, who needs 'em?

So maybe it's best that there's a big event happening the same week.  It just might deflect some of the "bad juju" that tends to come around at that time of the year.  

Or at the very least it will distract me from it!


*Should that be "Forty-Candled"? Sounds like a fire department call waiting to happen. . .


ccr in MA said...

We once got rear-ended on my birthday, that was a bad one! Hopefully this y ear, while yours is overshadowed, nothing worse will happen. As for the wedding/planning, keep your expectations low and everything that *doesn't* go wrong will be a pleasant surprise.

Mari T said...

Too bad about the birthday. I hope you can have a really nice, if quieter time. My birthday is 3 days before Christmas, so I'm always overshadowed. By God. I can't even fight it. ;-)

Kate P said...

CCR--Oh yeah, I'd take quiet over a car accident given the choice. :)

Mari--I know a lot of people in that situation! I try to make a separate fuss but I can only imagine it can leave you feeling a bit ignored.